SNE Northern Europe is an innovative full-service DMC creating memorable experiences in Scandinavia and the Baltics. The experienced staff of SNE offers unique and bespoke venues in close cooperation with its clients.

Summer or winter, we always have exciting projects. Dog sledding in the snow of Lapland or a Nobel prize style dinner in Stockholm. The Northern lights or nights when the sun never sets. Shopping and fine dining in great, welcoming capitals. Food tours in Copenhagen or fjord tours in Norway. It´s all up to you!

SNE has a head office in Stockholm and offices in Oslo, Copenhagen, Lapland and Tallin (which also covers Riga and Vilnius). SNE is fully incorporated in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland with service office in the Baltics.

Our trademark is our creativity and in-depth knowledge of what makes a DMC experience great. Knowing that a successful incentive trip, meeting or convention is an investment in human resources, we strive to make every project effective. And, we are proud to hear our clients complimenting our high quality productions and how we create magic regardless of the size of the budget.

Our clients get the best Scandinavia and the Baltics have to offer. We constantly create new ventures and trend setting programs. We often offer solutions never thought of before. Our private access to many hidden possibilities is outstanding.

We treat every client like royalty. Down to the smallest detail. 

SNE Northern Europe can assist you with…

SNE Northern Europe offers bespoke services and is always working to find the best experience for you.

Accommodation – We offer the best hotels of all the major hotel chains, as well as unusual smaller exclusive accommodation all over Scandinavia and the Baltics.

Experiences – We have access to experiences like no one else, to suit the purpose of your visit. Whether it is indoor or outdoor, winter or summer, we will have great suggestions of experiences that will last a lifetime.

Fine dining – We know the best places for fine dining, as well as the more cosy but memorable dining experiences for small or large groups.

Transfers, guides, full service – Once you step off the plane or the ship, we are there to assist you as much as you require.

Destination Highlights

Scandinavia´s greatest little kingdom offers a wide range of activities and experiences. Denmark is well known for its famous architecture and design community as well as a beautiful natural environment. Copenhagen is a busy capital, where bicycles are important means of transportation and where entertainment as well as good food and beer is easy to find.

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Unique Selling Points

  • Nature: Scandinavia offer landscape views and experiences that cannot be compared to anything else. The air is fresh, you can fish in any lake, even in the city centers. Solitude is for those who wish for it, not hard to find.
  • High standard accommodation: All major hotel chains are present in Scandinavia. 
  • Smaller boutique hotels and more unusual accommodation in tents, trees and ice (!).
  • Fine dining
  • Art and design
  • Outdoor activities


  • Culture, art and design: Museums, art and design galleries, theatres
  • Fine dining: Award winning restaurants, dining by the sea or at sea
  • Shopping: fashion, glass, textiles, art
  • Sports and outdoors: skiing, bicycling, skating, sailing, dog sleds, trekking

Fun Facts

  • Denmark’s capital city, Copenhagen, has more Michelin-starred restaurants than all of the other Scandinavian cities.
  • Now known worldwide, the inventors of LEGO® toys got started in Billund, Denmark in 1932 manufacturing not LEGO® blocks but stepladders! Billund is now the home of Legoland Theme Park.
  • In Denmark, a flag is flown outside when it's someone's birthday. If you're not married when you turn 30, you will get a peppershaker as a gift.
  •  In Denmark’s capital Copenhagen, 50% of the population rides the bike to work/school all year. They also have twice as many bicycles than cars.
  • Denmark has an amazing amusement park called Tivoli Gardens, which Walt Disney visited and loved. He got so inspired that he created Disneyland after that. If you haven’t visited Tivoli in Copenhagen yet, you have to! Denmark also has the oldest amusement park in the world, Bakken.

General Information and Climate

  • Visa is applied to Turkish citizens.
  • Scandinavia and the Baltics cover a large area spreading from north to south, with varying climate. Most of the area has a temperate climate, with four distinct seasons and mild temperatures throughout the year. In the north, however, winters are generally cold, with expected snow from October through May. In the south the climate is milder during winter. Summers are generally cooler than in southern Europe.
  • For culinary clients Copenhagen is fantastic, but Denmark has a lot more to offer than the capital cuisine. Three hours (by train or car) from Copenhagen, the second-largest city of Denmark, Aarhus, can also boast of three Michelin stars for restaurants Frederikshøj, Substans and Gastromé. Aarhus is easily accessible by plane or by train and is certain to delight your clients with its rich cultural scene, vibrant shopping and star-decorated gastronomy. Also Funen and Southern Jutland have put themselves on the map when it comes to surprising, Scandinavian slow-food.